SpinCap SC-801Mn, is an innovative locking and acceess control system for fuel tanks ith data collection, administrator and surveillance functions


Easy, practical and quick to install:


With the help of a mobile device and a dedicated app, authorized operators will be able to monitor and operate on the tanks in record time and in complete safety


Inside the original packaging you will find:


  • 1) First you have to access to the tank and unscrew the plastic cap

  • 2) Screw and install the collar on the filling valve and apply the safety seal
  • 3) Start the application(network coverage is necessary) type in the credentials to log in and provide all required phone permission (BLE,GPS,Camera)
  • 4) Move the SPINCap by hitting it slightly to the side
  • 5) Press the button “CONNECT TO SPINCAP” and select the reference serial number
  • 6) Select “INSTALL” from the menu and when required scan with the phone’s camera the QR code on SPINCap label
  • 7) Place the SPINCap and rotate it at least 1-2 turns within 10 seconds and return to the main page to complete the installation
  • 8) Press and keep pressed the RED button for 1 second
  • 9) Insert tank filling percentage and press “Ok” to confirm
  • 10) When required, lock the valve by turning 2 clockwise turns
  • 11) When required, immediately turn the SPINCap 1/2 counterclockwise turns
  • 12) Press “DISCONNECT” button and confirm, installation is completed(close the tank)


  • 1) Access to the tank, start the application(network coverage is necessary) type in the credentials to log in and allow the use of Bluetooth

  • 2) Turn the SPINCap to “wake it up”, press the “CONNECT TO SPINCAP” button and select the reference serial number
  • 3) Press the GREEN button for 1 second and unscrew the SPINCap
  • 4) Open the side menu, select “INSTALL”, press “UNISTALL” and press “Ok” button
  • 5) Wait for the 4 steps to complete
  • 6) SPINCap is now uninstalled and can be removed
  • 7) Go back to the main page and press “Disconnect” confirming the action
  • 8) Open the tank, remove the collar and replace it with the original valve
  • 9) close the tank